Designer Showcase Application

Collection Type - ie Men's, Women's, Formal, Casual, Full Figured
Collection Name
What is the Inspiration/muse/color pallet for your collection?
What is your Facebook or Website link (URL)?
Fashion Shows that you have done in the past;
I understand that I am responsible for the safe keeping of my collection, including damage or theft.
I understand that any and all monies are


1. I/We agree to provide to StormyWeather Banks, LLC. the following documentation for consideration of this application at the same time of submission of the application:
A. Photos of portfolio of garments & detail work close-up
B. Design sketches
C. Fabrics used
​E. Designer's Resume
F. Testimonials & References
2. If you are selected to showcase you garment line, StormyWeather Banks, LLC is
authorized to use photos submitted with the application for any promotional
purpose related to the event contemplated by this Agreement.
3. It is further understood and accepted that the designer will be required to attend
the event at his/her own expense. 
4. StormyWeather Banks, LLC will not be held liable for personal losses or injuries to

participants, models or affiliated personnel except where such loss or injury is due
to gross negligence on the part of StormyWeather Banks, LLC.
5. StormyWeather Banks, LLC will not be held liable for any loss of garments,
accessories, supplies, tools, equipment, or personal items brought to the event
by a participant.
6. StormyWeather Banks, LLC reserves the right to use all images derived in any
form during or from the event and to transform the same into any or all forms of
media currently in existence or yet to be created.
7. I/we agree to abide by all established times for fittings, rehearsals, special
appearances, media interviews, and shows, and to respect times allotted to
prepare for subsequent shows.
8. I/we agree to liaise in advance of the event with the assigned Producer in
respect of appropriate music for the designer show, and with the designated
make-up and hair consultant(s) in respect of the desired make-up and hair
9. I/we agree to pay the appropriate registration fee promptly within ten (10)
business days once informed that I/we have been selected to present at the
Launching A Fashion Line Conference. I/We acknowledge that failure to make
such payment may result in the removal of the show from the schedule.
10. It is understood that StormyWeather Banks, LLC reserves the right to either
postpone or cancel any function or the entire event in its sole discretion
without any liability for loss incurred thereby.
11. It is understood and accepted that StormyWeather Banks, LLC reserves
the right to review all designs and garments at any time prior to
presentation at the designer show in order to ensure quality and completion,
and further has the right to remove any garment or design from
presentation if, in its sole discretion, it deems appropriate to do so. 
12. This Agreement, along with any other document, specifically referred
to or implied herein as having legal effect, shall constitute the entire
agreement between the parties hereto, and each party undertakes that it
has read and understood the terms of the Agreement.
13. Any right, benefit, or obligation due to a party to this Agreement cannot
be assigned by either party without the prior written consent of the other.
14. The laws of the State of California shall be the applicable law of this
Agreement. The parties also agree to submit any and all claims and/or
litigation to the appropriate courts of the said State of California.

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