Brandon Thrasher
"The Thrasher Group"

  In 1998 Brandon Thrasher started an urban apparel line called Know Ya Roots, which later became Knoyaro. With nothing more than his imagination a vision, and an awareness of fashion, Brandon turned his vision into an international experience, allowing him to travel to Hong Kong to perfect and complete the line for preparation to showcase the brand at the 2000 Magic Show Apparel convention in Las Vegas. It would be at the Magic Show, where Brandon’s vision for Knoyaro vision, by writing nearly $300k in orders over a   
two-day period.  

Brandon has since moved on from the fashion industry, but has remained passionate of fashion. Now as a successful business entrepreneur, Brandon has earned prestigious professional and scholarly accolades since entering the field in 1998. Since 2007, Brandon now oversees The Thrasher Group, a boutique branding and marketing firm, which specializes in making sure small business reputations continually, thrive. Much of his firm’s reputational growth has resulted from its use of the 360 Branding Training Systems that Brandon has developed. With The Thrasher Group, Brandon has finely tuned his skills in developing and overseeing efforts in advertising, branding, marketing and creative direction.